Olha/Olgha of Kyiv

Selimir succeeded Illyria Budimir, baptized by Cyril.
Selimir not same as serbian ruler (?-679/680).
Bonfinio witness, and changed the name Suentopluk/Suetopelek (Svatopluk I of Moravia), gr. Sueropilus. Suetolik.
Svatopluk or Svatopolk I of Moravia, b.840-d.894.

Budmir, Bintmir.

Volhiniam in Lithuania.
Cumani or Polucci.

Rus in divided in 12 duchy.

Gediminus ca 1300 occupauit Volhiniam & Kyouiam. Vilnam (Vilnius) founded 1305.

Sineus, Truborus, Ruricus. Bielozaranum, Pleskoviensem, Novogardiensem. Ruricus successor Igorus.
Igors wife, Olga, was the Pitzingos, who are Pazinace destroyed, baptized Helen in Constantinople.
He (Igor) was succeeded by Suentoslaus (Sviatoslav), Zonare Splendostablus. Which succeeded by Vlodimirus.

capta Kiovia Russiam Nigram, que hodia Ukraina dicitur.
Borysthenem, Dniper.

Vitenes Samogita founded a new dynasty, and the Lithuanian tax aprons and gladly, and each year of the Duke of Kyiv. His successor, Gediminas, Rus'siam, which had been captured Kiovia made ​​himself master of the Grand Duke and a title. He founded Vilnam (Vilnius).

Kioviam, Volyniam, Podolie, Podlachiam.

Bogdanus Chmelnicius Cosaccos & Russos Ukrainos. Zaporovianis

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