Rugia and Holmgardia

Goths/Goter kallar orten Holmgorda-Ryck, an ancient City of Ladoga.

Estonia called Rugia or Rogia.
Novgorodians called the City of Narva Rugigorod.
Estonians say Ulima, Uli means upwards, Maa country. Ulima is Pleskau, Petzur, Novogrod.
Ulima is same as Rogia or Rugia?

Aldejuborg is residence (capital) of Holmgardian Kings.
Swedish king Haldan the Elder, married daughter of king Envida.
Holmgarda-Land, Holmgardia

another Trade center: city of Tzordyn in the country of Biarma or Great Permia (Weliki Permia).
Later became Solikamsky famous.

Scythian or Pytzorian sea.

King of Suabians.
Lindormus, king of the Goths.